Micro-needling – anti-aging the natural way

Over the last few years I've started to pay a lot more attention to my skin. I had a horrible experience a few days before a friend's wedding when a cheap high street product left my skin so dry, it was actually cracking. After some great advice from a friend, I invested in some better … Continue reading Micro-needling – anti-aging the natural way


Challenge completed! 12 weeks done, 19lbs down

It’s all over. The programme has ended, the photographs have been taken, and it’s time to look back on my experience at UTurn Fitness at the Transformation Academy for 12-weeks. Starting out in January, I was ready to get into what I described as the best shape of my life. In losing 19lbs and dropping two dress sizes I … Continue reading Challenge completed! 12 weeks done, 19lbs down

Week 12 – Let’s talk about body shaming

It has been 12 weeks, and it’s (almost) all over. In January when I initially decided to take on this challenge, I didn’t imagine the positive impact it would have on my life. I’ve loved the positive effects of exercise for a long time now, but the change in my mindset, mentality and confidence over … Continue reading Week 12 – Let’s talk about body shaming

Week eleven – It’s the final countdown

The end is nigh, with only eight days of my transformation programme left. The hard work is (mainly) done, and now it’s down to me to keep on track until next Saturday. I had my second last weigh in yesterday morning, and I hit one of the targets I set with Danny - I’ve lost one stone. … Continue reading Week eleven – It’s the final countdown

Week nine – A positive mindset

Well, it finally happened. My calories and carbs were cut. Although the calorie cut was inevitable four weeks out from the end of the transformation programme and the final photoshoot, I had tried to live in denial for as long as possible. In the run up to International Women’s Day yesterday, I decided to stay positive throughout … Continue reading Week nine – A positive mindset

Week eight – Making it work in bad weather

It’s hard to get motivated in that weather, isn’t it? We seem to have stepped back into December in the last few days, but with the finish line fast approaching, I haven’t been able to let it stall my progress. Extra layers are most definitely needed, and I have changed my diet up to more … Continue reading Week eight – Making it work in bad weather